How Do I Get Free Roadside Assistance?

Published on: 02/27/20 1:46 PM

Is it even possible to get free roadside assistance for your vehicles? In short yes, it is.   In a perfect world our cars and trucks would never have problems, never get a flat tire, and never leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere waiting for a tow truck, but this isn’t a perfect world and now you are stuck. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to receive free roadside assistance?  Now you can, with Encore Affinity program.   Here is how the process…

5 Reasons Customer Loyalty Programs Are Vital to Your Business

Published on: 01/15/19 9:00 AM

Consumers have just about infinite choices when it comes to industries like yours, so their loyalty must be fought after harder than ever. One of the easiest ways to earn this trust is through value-add programs and services, which make choosing your business more rewarding compared to any competitors. Services like roadside assistance loyalty programs are often enough to push someone to commit to one company over another. In an era where customer acquisitions are getting more expensive than ever,…

5 Tactics to Increase Customer Retention

Published on: 12/17/18 9:00 AM

FAST FACTS Nearly two-thirds of a company’s business is from existing clients and customers. Just a 2 percent increase in customer retention could save you as much as 10 percent a year. Members of loyalty programs spend about 15 percent more each year than other customers. As we rush toward the end of 2020 and prepare for 2021, one of the main goals of every business owner is customer retention. Knowing who will be buying your goods and services next…

Customer Retention Is Vital for Startups. Here’s How to Do It

Published on: 11/20/18 9:00 AM

FAST FACTS Acquiring a new customer costs 5x – 25x what it costs to keep an existing customer Increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits from 25% – 95% Helping customers Get Little Unexpected Extras can be the GLUE that keeps them from churning Customers are what keep companies in business. If your startup is too focused on long-term gains, you may lose sight of the customers you need to stay loyal now in order to build growth….

Why Customers Leave — and How You Can Keep Them

Published on: 10/23/18 9:00 AM

FAST FACTS There are 3.8 billion customer loyalty memberships across the country. The typical consumer belongs to 13.4 loyalty programs on average. 54% of loyalty program memberships are inactive.   You worked hard to build your customer base. You spent long hours at the office; you read and replied to thousands of emails. It makes it that much more frustrating to discover that you are losing customers, especially if you can’t pinpoint why. Studies have shown that, outside of death,…