Why Customers Leave — and How You Can Keep Them

Published on: 10/23/18 9:00 AM

Why Customers Leave — and How You Can Keep Them


  • There are 3.8 billion customer loyalty memberships across the country.
  • The typical consumer belongs to 13.4 loyalty programs on average.
  • 54% of loyalty program memberships are inactive.


You worked hard to build your customer base. You spent long hours at the office; you read and replied to thousands of emails. It makes it that much more frustrating to discover that you are losing customers, especially if you can’t pinpoint why.

Studies have shown that, outside of death, there are three real reasons people leave a company:

  1. Unhappiness regarding prices
  2. Unhappiness with products
  3. Unhappiness with the customer service or other treatment received


The Dilemma Over Pricing

You need to make money — but you need to keep customers. This can make it difficult to set prices that are fair to everyone. If you believe that you truly have a pricing problem, it’s something you need to look at. If, on the other hand, you believe that your prices are fair, something else is going on.

Products Aren’t Up to Par

You can have the best prices in your market segment but a product or service that is lacking. If customers don’t like your product, it doesn’t matter if you’re giving it away for free. They aren’t going to stick around.

Poor Customer Service

Customer service used to be incredibly personal. Today’s customer service can be robotic and cold. If your customers don’t feel like they are being treated with respect and care, they are going to find a company that has better service than yours.

Here’s the Good News

Companies who get it right not only keep customers but gain new ones. There are things you can do almost immediately to keep people coming back for more.


  • Loyalty Programs: What are you offering the customers who have stayed with you and keep supporting you? Look into a loyalty program that makes sense for your company.
  • Solve Problems: Your customers want their problems solved. How can you do that? It starts by knowing who your customers are and what they need. If you can meet a need and solve an issue better than your competitor, you’ll win the business.
  • Customer Service: Your customer service needs to be better than anyone else’s. You can make sure that you answer emails promptly, that the people who answer complaints for your company have the power to make decisions, and that your CSRs follow the golden rule at all times.

Looking for an Innovative Loyalty Program? Try Roadside Assistance

As a company that provides roadside assistance loyalty programs, we know that offering this service as a loyalty program can make all the difference when it comes to keeping clients and attracting new ones. If you are in the market for commercial roadside assistance, reach out to our company.

We want to show you why we are different and why we deserve your business. Our promise to you is that we will continue to treat you like we are trying to win your business for as long as you remain a customer.