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Protection and savings for the entire household.

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Let us show you the benefits of the encore affinity program and its benefits for your customers.

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Encore Affinity Program

Value-added programs are one of the easiest ways to attract new clients and retain the ones you have.

The Encore Affinity Program helps our clients provide a membership rewards” service to add value and brand loyalty to their customer base. We provide the 24/7 roadside assistance while your company includes this service in a neat little package that keeps your competitive edge without hurting your budget.

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Benefits of Encore’s Affinity Program:

  • Low cost for boosted profit

  • Greater customer loyalty

  • Edge over your competition

  • Customizable for every client

Considering brand loyalty is decreasing exponentially in 2020 when compared to previous years, you must stay relevant and ahead of your competitors by thinking outside the box. The best way to accomplish this is to show your customers you care about every aspect of their lives. That’s where we come in to help you! 

The Affinity Program is designed to be a white or private label service. For example, when you purchase our Affinity Program we will customize to suit your industry. This includes marketing materials to promote your membership program using our roadside service products. A dedicated phone line that will answer with your business name and any other customized greeting you desire. As well as provide you with a wide range of web-based technologies to help automate the submission, reporting, and dispatch process. Give the perception that you are providing this service to your customers and employees, not us! 

How Does Encore Rewards
Program Work?

Lets say you have 1,000 customers. Each of those customers purchase a service from you. Wouldn’t it be great to provide them with emergency roadside assistance that would give them free fuel delivery or free jump-start as value-added services when they need it? For example, you could be a credit union who wants to give roadside assistance away to your members when they finance their vehicles through you. You could be in the tire business and provide free roadside assistance to anyone who purchases two or more! There really is no wrong way to use our Affinity Program. It works in any industry. 

This valueadded service doesn’t necessarily have to be provided to your customers or employees for free. Matter of fact, you could split the cost down the middle. You could pass-on the costs of Encore Affinity (which is usually a small fee per individual or vehicle) as a part of your “Membership Club. A customer pays an annual fee to join your membership and you make up the difference in costs.  


Learn more about this value-added service by calling  (866) 423-8711

Building Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is becoming harder to accomplish in 2020. With the everchanging digital world and how easy it is to find local businesses with a simple click of a mouse, consumers are more focused on the customer experience businesses provide. The best way to improve on your customer experience is to provide value-added services like Encore Affinity Program.  

One of the Easiest Customer Retention Strategies

Since your customers are more focused on the “customer experience” rather than brand loyalty, then offer one of the best customer retention strategies around and show them you care more about their everyday lives, rather than just the services you offer.

Emergency Roadside Assistance: The Rewards Program You NeverConsidered

At Encore Protection, we’ve seen how often consumers and commercial fleet drivers alike need emergency roadside assistance. We provide service across the continental US, and our phones are constantly ringing.

Call us today to learn more about getting an edge over your competition with the Encore Affinity Program!


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