Trusting a Third-Party for Your Fleet Roadside Assistance Management

Published on: 10/6/15 5:47 PM

Trusting a Third-Party for Your Fleet Roadside Assistance Management

Like all business owners, you want the many aspects of your corporation to run as smoothly as possible – but what if the best way to increase efficiency is to trust another company with one of your largest investments?

Your fleet quite literally keeps your business in motion. When one of your vehicles experiences an emergency or breakdown, your corporation and your profits are halted. In order to avoid any major issues, companies like yours may be managing fleet roadside assistance in-house. However, dedicated in-house fleet managers have become increasingly rare in the private sector, as many corporations are seeing the benefits of outsourcing their fleet roadside assistance needs to a trusted third-party.

Matter of fact, the cost of mechanical repair has increased each quarter in 2020. Fleet managers have seen an increase of 21% from Q1 to Q3

Should your company take the initiative to outsource your fleet roadside assistance? To help you decide, we’ve outlined below some of the benefits you can expect when allowing a third-party to manage your fleet.

Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Fleet Roadside Assistance Needs

You can expect increased efficiencies and company focus. By trusting a third-party for your fleet roadside assistance management, your company will streamline your fleet efficiencies, as well as those not related to your fleet. With the extra time not dedicated to managing the minute details of your fleet, you can better focus on your company’s core competencies while continuing to maintain administrative control. For instance, a third-party fleet roadside services company will provide a centralized number for driver support, simplifying the process and allowing you to run your business. As a result, companies who outsource their fleet roadside assistance needs will often experience improved fleet availability, better reliability, greater cash flow, and increased productivity.

You’ll experience reduced fleet operating costs. Your company has its many areas of expertise – but fleet management may not be one of them. Without expert third-party roadside assistance for your fleets, your organization may incur higher costs for parts and other expenses. Plus, reduced time and resources spent on fleet management will allow for significantly improved productivity and profitability for your corporation. Outsourcing is also more tax-efficient – you can write off all the outsourcing costs accrued each year, rather than spreading it through capital expenditure allowances.

Your fleet will follow industry best practices. Thanks to their experience, fleet roadside assistance companies understand and can implement best practices into their management techniques. Plus, because they often manage many companies at once, they can better gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your fleet, allowing for improved performance in the long run. And with the knowledge they bear, their third-party fleet roadside assistance plans often use the most proven cost-effective policies from the offset, enabling you to bypass any trial-and-error period.

It will reduce your company’s risk. One of the most important aspects as the head of a company is ensuring that you are not at risk to be held accountable for compliance and regulation requirements of which you are not knowledgeable. By outsourcing your fleet roadside assistance needs, you wash your hands of responsibility for OSHA, DOT and other regulatory standards. For many companies, this perk is enough to convince them that fleet roadside assistance is better handled by a third-party.

You’ll see improved human resource productivity. In addition to reducing head count, outsourcing your fleet roadside assistance can quickly redirect personnel and even financial resources to your business’ core activities, thereby increasing productivity and improving your bottom line.

Your fleet services will be backed by accuracy and expertise. By trusting third-party roadside assistance for fleets, companies often receive greater transparency and technological opportunities, both of which allow for you to obtain a better understanding of how your investment is being used and how your profitability can be improved. Not only can specialized fleet management companies train and educate your drivers, but they also have the knowledge to make well-informed purchasing decisions regarding fuel and vehicles. Plus, by investing in their own company’s future, they often end up on the cutting-edge in regards to technology, processes and equipment.

A third-party will be dedicated to quality, service and satisfaction. Just like how you want your business to retain a respected reputation, fleet roadside assistance companies want to keep their clients happy. To earn your loyalty, these companies will dedicate themselves to high-quality services and customer satisfaction. And with experience on their side, established fleet management companies also have well-honed quality assurance processes to avoid mishaps that your team may have experienced on their own.

How to Find a Trusted Third-Party for Your Roadside Assistance

Now that you are aware of the many potential benefits to hiring a trusted third-party for your roadside assistance needs, you might be curious as to which type of fleet management company is best for your business. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • First, you should identify exactly what you hope to achieve by outsourcing your fleet roadside assistance. Determine the kind of plan that is most valuable to you, such as one featuring 24/7 assistance, nationwide protection, free towing miles, or even additional perks, such as retail discounts for your covered employees.
  • Be sure to find a company with experience, expertise and excellent customer service – after all, these are the kind of benefits that third-party companies can offer that in-house fleet management often can’t. The more established and respected a company, the better.
  • Finally, select a company that embraces technology and its many benefits. Many fleet managers are of the belief that new forms of technology, such as improved GPS dispatch systems, data programs and more, will greatly influence how fleets are managed and made more profitable in the future.[5]

It’s important to do your research to find the best fleet roadside assistance plans  and advice that can help you in your decision-making process. In the end, you know your business’ needs more than anyone – and a third-party fleet roadside assistance company will have the knowledge to help you optimize your fleet with your business’ best interests in mind.

Are you ready to reduce your costs, increase your fleet’s efficiencies and receive high-quality services from a trusted third-party roadside assistance company? It’s easy to get started – fill out our quick-response form online today and we’ll help with your application process!