Looking for an emergency roadside assistance program for your commercial fleet or your consumer vehicle? Start your fast and easy roadside assistance application by filling out the quick-response form below.

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Notice: Emergency Roadside Assistance for both commercial and consumer customers is available 24/7. Our customer service and billing departments are available Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST.
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Commercial Roadside Assistance Application

With our commercial roadside assistance plans, we work with you to create a plan based on the specific needs of your company and your fleet, including details such as the number and types of vehicles covered, coverage area, tow mileage, included services, and more.

After approval and program set-up, your drivers will receive instructions for downloading Encore’s commercial roadside assistance app onto their mobile device. With the app, your fleet drivers will always have access to an electronic copy of their vehicle’s membership card, along with an easy and convenient way to make a service call if they need emergency assistance while on-the-road.

Consumer Roadside Assistance Application

For our consumer roadside assistance program, the application approval process is instant, and you will receive an approval decision immediately.

Once your emergency roadside assistance application is approved, you will receive an email with a temporary card, which can be used until a permanent membership card arrives in the mail.

Our Encore Roadside consumer plans have a three-day waiting period from the date of purchase before you can file your first claim, although Encore Now is designed to eliminate the waiting period to provide service immediately.

As a member of our consumer roadside assistance program, you’ll receive comprehensive protection at convenient pay-per-vehicle rates for cars and motorcycles, in addition to a variety of other membership benefits and discounts.

Have questions about your consumer or commercial roadside assistance application or the approval process? Contact us online by submitting a quick and easy form. And remember, emergency roadside assistance calls from members can be placed 24/7/365.