Packing for a Road Trip? We’re Here to Help!

Published on: 08/6/15 12:18 AM

Packing for a Road Trip? We’re Here to Help!

A road trip is the perfect chance for you to bond with your partner, family, or friends, as you travel to a beautiful destination. But before you take off, you’ll need to think about packing for your road trip. Once this is complete, you can dedicate your time to sightseeing with your loved ones!

No one should be forced to make frequent stops along the way, but this very well could be the case if you overlook essential items as you pack for a road trip. Forgetting a toothbrush or failing to pack a pair of shoes could lead to multiple stops and a waste of time and money.

Choosing Items to Pack

Packing Your Suitcase

Packing for a road trip doesn’t have to be stressful. The amount of clothing and accessories that are placed into luggage is dependent upon the length of time that your family will be on the road. To get the most use out of your luggage while still traveling relatively lightly, practice clever packing ideas, such as tightly rolling your clothing into a compact bundle, leaving more room for other items and helping to reduce wrinkles. Use this extra space to pack shoes and other accessories.

Check the weather conditions of the location that you’ll be visiting. When you pack for a long road trip, be sure to choose comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the types of weather you’ll encounter. Besides the warm sun and rich colors of summer, an advantage of traveling during this season is that there is less volume to your wardrobe and the absence of large winter coats and bulky pieces instantly creates more space in your suitcase.

Proper Storage

From food to toiletries, an important aspect of packing for a road trip is finding the proper storage for these items. Bring a small cooler along to store drinks and preserve any foods that may need to be chilled. If you plan to snack on the way, pack these items in a bag and place it inside of the car, where they can be easily accessed. When you’re done eating, keep your hands clean and maintain a stain-free car by keeping items, such as moist wipes, handy!

Always be sure to store a first aid kit inside of your car as well. Fill the kit with over-the-counter drugs, bandages and other safety items that your family may need access to while on the road.

Toiletries, such as shampoo and body wash, are notorious for leaking and leaving a slimy surprise when you go to unpack your belongings. Use sandwich bags to create a barrier between these hygienic products and the rest of your items. Wrapping the bottle snuggly inside the bag will help it to stay in place, reducing leakage.


Most smartphone owners utilize their phone’s navigational app in order to travel from place-to-place. Because a road trip is more demanding on your phone’s battery life than a trip around town, you may want to opt for a GPS. As you pack for your road trip, consider bringing a map along as well. Having a visual representation of your route can be a helpful addition to GPS instructions. It also provides room for you to stray from the course and explore areas that were not a part of your original plan.

Arranging Your Luggage

When the time comes for you to load the luggage you packed for a road trip into the car, avoid over-packing your vehicle. Each car has a maximum load capacity, a recommendation of the amount of weight that a vehicle can safely carry. Plan a strategy for packing your luggage, keeping in mind that the heaviest items should be packed toward the front, in order to evenly distribute the weight of the bags you packed. If you pack your luggage vertically, avoid creating an obstruction for the driver. Of course you want to fit all your bags in the car, but not at the expense of the driver’s view.

Bringing Road Trip Necessities

Although your road trip companions might be easily entertained, at some point, they’ll become sleepy! A long drive is made more comfortable when you bring along road trip necessities, such as pillows and blankets for the inevitable naps that will take place in the car. Remember to bring an assortment of items that will keep you entertained while most of your travel buddies are busy dreaming. Making a list of everything you want to pack for a road trip is a great way to avoid leaving items behind. Stay entertained with books, games, electronic gadgets and more. Don’t forget to bring chargers for your electronics!

Prepping Your Car

Packing for a road trip is not the only important aspect of preparing for a vacation. Before leaving on your road trip, it is important that you inspect your car to be sure it is in proper condition for a long-distance drive. Check the fluid levels under the hood of your car and replace any fluids that are low. Another way to prepare your car for the long trip is to use a gauge to check the air pressure of your tires.

A tire that is not properly inflated has the potential to wear out quickly as a result of excess heat during the summer. A flat tire or engine trouble can easily bring an exciting family vacation to a halt. One of the most important things to keep in mind when packing for a road trip is to equip your car with a spare tire and a jack, in case of an emergency. Preparing your car for travel will improve your odds of taking a road trip free of hassles.

Road Trip Emergencies

Emergencies, such as a flat tire, can be a quick-fix for some. There are times, however, when assistance is needed. A variety of other car maintenance needs may arise as you continue to travel. Being a motor club member can make all the difference in whether or not you are able to successfully continue on your stress-free journey, or if you’ll have to pack it up and make a long and disappointing trek home.

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