Eating Healthy on the Road as a Trucker

Published on: 10/10/17 9:00 AM

Lunch box for kids with sandwich, cookies, fresh veggies and fruitsIt’s hard to eat healthy on the road. It’s far easier to grab a bag of chips and munch while you are driving. Pulling into a greasy spoon and eating a quick meal makes life simple. Unfortunately, if you aren’t watching what you eat while traveling the roads of America, you are making yourself unhealthy. It’s the truth.

Even if you aren’t gaining weight, the damage done to your body by eating junk food and fatty meals can wreck your insides. High blood sugar, fatty deposits and elevated cholesterol levels often go unseen. The good news is that you don’t have to continue on with your poor eating habits. Use the tips below to start making some subtle changes to your diet that could have a big impact on your health.

1. Pack a Cooler

Grab a good cooler, get a bag of ice and chop up your favorite fruits and veggies. Pack your cooler full of healthy snacks before you hit the road. Put your cooler on the seat next to you, buckle it in and grab a bite when you pull over. It’s an easy way to make sure you are eating healthier and a good way to satisfy your need for crunchy snacks.

2. Buy an Oven

If you didn’t know, there are little ovens that look like tackle boxes. You can plug them into your truck’s lighter. Before you leave home, cook up a few chicken breasts or casseroles, put them in glass containers and reheat them while you are stopped loading or unloading. By the time your job is done, you have a healthy, hot meal to eat.

3. Skip the Doughnuts

One of the worst moves you can make, at home or on the road, is to skip breakfast. Don’t be tempted by the doughnuts in a display counter. If you are going to stop for any meal during your day, make it a good breakfast. Eggs, oatmeal and whole-grain toast are good options. A hearty breakfast will set you up for the day.

4. Water

One of the best things you can do for your body is to drink plenty of water. Coffee may keep you awake, but water will do the same via hydration. If you stop for something to eat, make sure you get a tall glass of ice water to go with it.

5. Spread Out Your Meals

It’s never a good idea to eat just one large meal once a day. It will ruin your metabolism and start to affect your internal organs. Instead, spread your meals out. Several small meals a day is healthier than even two meals a day. Aim for breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and then dinner. It may take a while to get used to eating that often, but it’s good for you — as long as those meals and snacks are the right size portions.

While you are researching how to eat healthier on the road, be sure to take a moment to make sure that your commercial roadside assistance coverage is up to date. You might as well make sure all aspects of your life are covered! If you need help, reach out to our office. We will review your policy or help you select a new one.