Published on: 04/11/18 3:23 AM

Simply stated, a fleet is an amount of vehicles used commercially and owned by a company. The term is often used to describe services pitches at companies who have several vehicles to manage, such as “fleet coverage.”

While a fleet can refer to any number of vehicles, most dealers and manufacturers offer special advantages to companies that own 10 or more vehicles in their fleet. That number varies and sometimes you can qualify for perks with only a couple of company vehicles.

Sometimes a fleet has one or two types of vehicles in it. Other times, a fleet consists of different specialized vehicles to do a certain job. It can be a good idea for a company to consider leasing as opposed to buying their fleet.

Although in some cases purchasing vehicles is the smarter investment, leasing can provide companies with the most modern fleet and sometimes can save money. Regardless of whether a company leases or buys, having fleet commercial roadside assistance is imperative.