What Will Fleet Management Look Like in 2020?

Published on: 01/6/20 12:50 PM

close up of a semi truck with another truck in the background

A new decade is upon us. The year 2020 not only brings with it the start of another era but also changes in fleet management trends. What will it all look like in the coming year? The trends tell us that we have a lot to be excited about as we head into the future.

Here’s what we expect to see in fleet management this year:

1. Ride-Sharing for Big Rigs?

Not exactly, but picture this: Someone needs something shipped. They can contact you via an app and put in a request. They don’t have to sign a years’ long contract, and they don’t have to pay thousands of dollars.

One of your employees needs a ride to work. Why should they spend their money with another company when you have vehicles out in the lot? Imagine being flexible enough to pick up your employees whenever they tap an icon on their screens.

While neither of these things is happening just yet, start to imagine your fleet as a ride-sharing or delivery service fleet. You could be making more money just by offering your trucks for what is essentially rent.

2. Improved Tech Means Greater Control

Changes in federal trucking regulations have made it necessary to improve technology at a fast pace. That said, you may soon be using tech like never before. Continued improvements will mean that you can run your fleet more efficiently.

You will be able to more closely pinpoint locations of drivers, speed up the scheduling process, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for the tech hitting the market this year.

3. Showing Employees They Matter

How do you attract and retain your employees? Do you rely on word of mouth? Post openings on job recruitment sites? Doing these things isn’t wrong, but what happens after you hire new people?

Getting people to stay with your company should be a primary goal. Studies have shown that employees who are invested in the companies they work for are more likely to report job satisfaction and stay long term. The trend is moving toward allowing employees to take a share in the company, to ensure that employees are highly trained, and to offer benefits that your competition may not.

4. Automated Vehicles

Imagine a vehicle that could do most of your fleet management duties for you. Does it sound a bit too futuristic? Hold on tight — it’s coming! There are already self-driving passenger cars on the market.

Soon, you’re going to see self-driving trucks combined with artificial intelligence. We know it’s hard to believe. Your day is going to be more efficient when you have your fleet can schedule their own maintenance and plan their own routes.

5. Securing Your Information

Your fleet is full of telematics — you know this, it’s not a surprise. What most of us don’t consider, however, is that this leaves the entire fleet, and company, open to security attacks. Cybersecurity is a trend you will be hearing about as the year progresses. As technology creeps more heavily into fleets, so does the need to protect yourself.

Fleet management is a changing beast. The way you operate today isn’t the way you will operate tomorrow. You’ve got to keep on top of the coming trends if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Another thing to consider as you are looking toward a new decade is how you are handling commercial roadside assistance. We provide fleet vehicle coverage for any type of company and can tailor our services to meet your exact needs. Reach out to our helpful team today to learn more about how we can keep you, your drivers and your fleet protected no matter what the road throws at you.