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Protection and savings for the entire household.

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Let us show you the benefits of the encore affinity program and its benefits for your customers.

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Encore Affinity Program

Value-added programs are one of the easiest ways to attract new clients and retain the ones you have.

Encore Rewards Program is a value-added service that makes customer loyalty and retention affordable. For just pennies on the dollar, your business can provide emergency roadside assistance for your customers, whether they are private consumers or commercial fleet drivers.

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Benefits of Encore’s Affinity Program:

  • Low cost for boosted profit
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Edge over your competition
  • Customizable for every client

Encore’s Affinity Program is one your clients and customers are sure to love. When you add this affordable value-added benefit to your products and services, your clients can rest assured that they will have roadside assistance available to them whenever they need it. Offering Encore Affinity barely costs you a thing, but can mean the world to your clients and can turn them into lifelong customers — ultimately increasing your own revenue.

How Does Encore Rewards
Program Work?

The Encore Rewards Program is rather simple. In the same way cell phone carriers may provide video streaming services on their packages, or certain credit cards may provide flight benefits, you can provide customers with emergency roadside assistance.

By paying a small fee, you can create the value-added service to every customer you have. For example, a commercial tire company could provide emergency roadside assistance with every set of tires bought — at no cost to the buyer. Or, a car dealership could offer a year of roadside assistance with every new car bought.

Adding this service means customers are much more likely to stay loyal to your brand and keep coming back to you for future needs — all for just pennies on the dollar.

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Building Customer Loyalty

In today’s economy, it’s hard to find consumers who stay loyal to just one brand. When people need a service or product, they simply take out their smartphones and search for the nearest provider.

One of the Easiest Customer Retention Strategies

The importance of customer retention can’t be overstated; it’s one of the biggest struggles for companies large and small.

Emergency Roadside Assistance: The Rewards Program You NeverConsidered

At Encore Protection, we’ve seen how often consumers and commercial fleet drivers alike need emergency roadside assistance. We provide service across the continental US, and our phones are constantly ringing.

Call us today to learn more about getting an edge over your competition with the Encore Affinity Program!


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