Tire blowout

Published on: 04/11/18 3:21 AM

A tire blowout can be a dangerous and terrifying experience, especially at high speeds. A tire blowout happens when the air pressure inside your tires gets low enough that the tire over flexes and overheats, which causes the rubber to come loose and the tire blows apart.

This can happen with a leaky tire, damage from an accident, or an overloaded vehicle. The biggest potential damage from a tire blowout comes afterwards, when the panicked driver tries to maneuver to the side of the road. Keep a calm head and don’t slam on your brakes or you could end up with a bigger accident on your hands.

The quickest way to get help fast is to have a semi-truck roadside assistance coverage plan. They can provide a new tire, a temporary to get you back on the road, or a tow to the nearest repair shop. The best way to prevent a tire blowout is to check the air pressure in your tires regularly and replace your tires when needed.