Super Single

Published on: 04/11/18 10:46 AM

American truckers and farmers who haul bulk commodities are replacing their dual tires with super singles. The move gains flotation in the field and fuel economy on the highway, but weight is the main factor.

Super singles are low profile, 17-inch wide tires that have a load rating equal to or greater than a pair of conventional 22.5 tires and a 50 or 55 aspect ratio.

They trim 200 pounds off each axle, freeing up an extra 400 lb. of legal load carrying capacity on the trailer. If they’re fitted to the tractor, the rig gains nearly 800 lb. of capacity over duals. Less rotating weight translates into better fuel economy, and sidewall flex is reduced because each trailer axle runs only four sidewalls instead of eight. Transport Canada says super singles can reduce fuel consumption by four to six percent.

Precisely weighing, measuring and evaluating the loads is critical to using super single tires on your commercial motor vehicle. The tires are so sensitive that not maintain them on a consistent basis can result in serious road failure and you could lose hours of drive time. To help ensure you stay on the road longer, be sure to have a great commercial roadside assistance plan for your single vehicle or fleet of trucks.