Electronic log

Published on: 04/11/18 3:23 AM

Commercial drivers are required to have electronic log devices that track their activity while they are working on the road. Electronic logs replace the paper records that used to be required and provide the documentation needed to prove that drivers are working safely, taking required breaks, and being a safe driver.

Many drivers are distrustful of a device that tracks their movements and collects information about their work habits, but electronics devices can be a huge benefit to drivers, too. They cut down on the amount of paperwork drivers have to fill out every day and they can alert drivers if they are about to make a mistake, such as missing a break.

In the event of an emergency or accident, the electronic log records proof of safety measures taken by the driver and is easy to locate when roadside assistance is on the way. An electronic log is an effective way to show that the driver was not at fault in an accident. It can also be beneficial to a responder when the truck driver uses their semi-truck roadside assistance plan.