Blind Spot

Published on: 04/11/18 3:28 AM

The phrase “blind spot” refers to the area around a vehicle that the driver can’t see through or with their mirrors at that particular moment. The mirrors located inside the car do not allow a driver to have a clear view of all areas around the vehicle and obstacles in the road such as other drivers or trees can create unexpected blind spots.

When driving a car, you need to be aware of your own blind spots and of the blind spots of the drivers around you. If you move into another driver’s blind spot, they may have a difficult time adapting to your movements because they can’t see you.

Commercial vehicles often have much larger blind spots than drivers of smaller vehicles are used to, which can be the source of accidents on the freeway. To reduce accidents caused by blind spots, drivers must be aware of the places they cannot see and turn their head to check these areas before moving into them.

For truckers, if an incident does happen because a driver was in your blind spot, semi-truck roadside assistance can help get you back on the road faster.