Axle rating

Published on: 04/11/18 3:25 AM

The term “axle rating” refers to the maximum weight that an axle can support on a vehicle with wheels. One reason that axle rating is such an important factor is that the amount of damage caused by a commercial vehicle in an accident goes up sharply with bigger axles. This is another reason for load restrictions in areas that get a lot of traffic with lighter vehicles, as well as the axle load rating of the roadways.

Axle rating is critical for people who load commercial vehicles because an overloaded axle can cause problems that are dangerous at high speeds. Tires can blow out when vehicles are overloaded and it’s more difficult to control a vehicle carrying a heavy load.

The axle rating includes the entire amount of distributed weight that the axle supports. This includes the vehicle itself, the passengers, and the cargo inside. Axles rating is important for commercial vehicles, but it’s also an important thing to know for anyone with a vehicle.

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