Axle load

Published on: 04/11/18 3:25 AM

Axle load is a term used to describe how much weight an axle is supporting. In other words, axle load is the total amount of weight divided by the number of axles on a vehicle. The axle load is the total amount of weight that the roadway support when the axle drives over it.

The roads we drive on have to be strong enough to support the massive commercial vehicles we use. When roads are not built to support heavier loads, you often find load restrictions posted. If vehicles exceed the load restriction, they could damage the roadway.

It’s important to remember that load refers just to the weight felt by one axle. This is why the same amount of cargo loaded into a truck and then into a truck and trailer will have different axle loads. Even though the trailer adds additional weight, it also adds axles to distribute the weight. On trucks that have more than two wheels on an axle, the axle rating remains the same no matter how many wheels are attached. However, the amount of weight that each tire has to bear gets lowers.

Any trucker who finds themselves stranded, whether due to improper axle load or some other reason, may benefit from semi-truck roadside assistance plans.